It doesn't have to feel like a cliche. 
like a copy of someone else's experience, 
or like a performance for photos

your wedding is
an opportunity...

  to honor meaningful relationships in your lives, to let your personalities and style shine,
and to fully celebrate a new chapter together. honor meaningful relationships in your lives, to let your personalities and style shine, and to fully celebrate a new chapter together.

Instead, I search for beauty in the unexpected

And help you see The art that is already there

my approach

The heart behind what I do is simple: to create art that helps others appreciate the quiet beauty in their world, their lives, and their relationships.  Over the years I've discovered that genuine storytelling requires far more intention than simply copying and pasting trends from previous weddings.

In practice, that means that I won't force you into a production of awkward posing, and I won't expect you to be anything other than yourselves. Instead, my art comes from fully embracing the present and capturing the unscripted moments that make up life's greatest experiences. 

Your wedding won't be generic

And your memories shouldn’t have to be either.

I specialize in helping you remember your wedding experience in its best light, to remind you of the romance and beauty and energy as if you were there all over again. 

             ver the last fifteen years, I refused to limit myself to the boundaries of traditional wedding photography.  Instead, I spent up to four months each year traversing over 45 countries across all 7 continents, studying the art of documenting life as it unfolded - even in the most adverse conditions.  Through language barriers, difficult terrain, and extreme weather, I witnessed the beauty of the human experience and practiced how to document it with purpose and intention.

Through these experiences, I learned how to recognize the moments that speak volumes...and when given only a split second, how to paint a picture that tells a story.

And most importantly, I discovered that beauty exists even in the uncontrollable and unpredictable.

So whether you're a proud romantic or a someone who simply cherishes the relationships in your life...I'm here to help you celebrate that in your own way.  Not simply as a photographer, but as a documentarian and an artist who wants to capture your love in all its raw, unfiltered beauty. 

I will eternally seek
the unscripted moments
 that are gone in an instant
but that tell the true story 

          hrough those years I also pursued beauty and fashion, working with editors, publications, and modeling agencies in the US and Europe.  Even though my heart was in being a documentarian, I found that I was inspired in quite a new way: in how to create stunning, iconic imagery even in a blank room.  I poured myself into finding the intricacies of sculpting light, mastering the art of flattering angles, and learning how to paint with color and shadow to elicit an emotion or translate a mood.  

And now, in my wedding storytelling, I use many of those artistic touches - much like a writer would use word play, unique vocabulary, or syntax to describe a scene.  I’m always able to give you kind direction to showcase your best self, and approach the flow of the experience with an editorial eye.

Ultimately, my hope is to give you memories that feel exclusive and wall-worthy…whether it was in a backyard, ballroom, or Bali.


I’ve learned how to create something beautiful
no matter what



I’ve spent my last 15 years ensuring that they don’t have to.

He truly wants to capture your love story and document what’s important to you. My husband and I loved how authentic he was when he first met us...and was interested in learning about who we are, what we love about each other and what’s important to us.


Documenting vulnerable moments
requires experience and intention.
But it also requires trust. 

first, we'll connect 

you should feel understood
before I ever pull out a camera.

You want to be comfortable - not just with taking pictures but with the very person that will be taking them. That's why we’ll start by building a genuine understanding of what matters most to you and determining if we are the right fit.

then, we'll

Using all of the above to give you something truly your own.

 Perhaps your family and friends mean the world to you, and you can’t wait to celebrate with them all together.  Or maybe you hope to elope, expressing yourselves through fashionable style and a free spirited attitude shared with just the two of you.  It could be that what you envision for your images is in the far future - with memories decorating the walls of your home that you can look at every day and proudly think, 

"This is what our relationship means to us."

No matter what's most important to you, I want to meet you where you are and help you celebrate those values in your own way.

Daniel will not only take breathtaking, memorable photos...he will also bring a calming and positive energy to your wedding day.  Don’t underestimate how important that is to you, your family and guests. He won’t push or steamroll you. You can relax and trust him.


As a last nod...

Your personalities, style, and hopes are the outline of a story - but through wedding planning it’s easy to get lost in minutiae. One of the most meaningful views of your wedding journey is when you step back and are able to appreciate what makes your relationship special. 

That’s why I’m here - as an expert not just in photography, but in helping couples to celebrate what matters most through something they can see every day. I don’t expect you to know what to do, know how to pose, or know how to plan. Simply enjoy each other and I will take care of the rest.